The only product of the factory is the small gas cylinder. Made of high quality sheet metal.
The net weight is 190g. (330 ml), the height is 90 mm and the diameter is 90 mm

It is always working intensively on the modernization of production. Balkan Gasovi is the proponent of the latest technologies and with a multitude of technical innovations in production firmly stands oriented towards the future. As always, care is taken for the best quality of products, Balkan Gasovi has confirmed its quality care by obtaining the ISO certificate, one of the key features of the quality market.

Product quality:

New technical solutions;
Selection of the best quality suppliers, and
Competitive production facilities

Quality of service:

For Balkan Gasovi, quality of service means:

Delivery of the product in the agreed term;
Knowledge of potential buyers’ problems;
Providing prompt and professional technical support;
Permanent shortening of the time for the offer, processing of orders, preparation of technical documentation and prototypes

Global level:

The only quality policy;
Single standardized management;
Unique structure of the production process;
Developed a global network of distributors.

For Balkan Gasovi, total quality is contained in all operating pores!